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In my previous post,i talked about the strategy to prepare for exam.Some times it happens that you are prepared well enough but couldn't perform your best.

So this post will really going to help you.i will guide you ,how to stay calm and perform your best during exam.

We have seen that some times topper also couldn't perform as per their capability.

So how to perform your best during exam?
Is there any solution that will surely help.
Then yes.just continue with us.

Do you know why we feel so much stressed in in the exam.
We think that ,I do not the answer of this question.
I will get last position or I will fail.many unnecessary thoughts start coming to our mind.

So the right way to solve the question paper ,whether you know the answer or does not matter .

  • Important tools
So before going to exam must make sure that you have all the necessary items which can be needed in the exam hall.

For example,do not take a new pen.At least you should take the pen which you have practised and have refill is not so much low.keep at least three pens

Exam pads-it is also very important because you may get a desk that may not be suitable for you to write.  A shaking table may also irritate exam pad is necessary.
  • Read the instructions carefully
So after getting to the exam.After getting  the question paper.The first thing is to go through the instruction in a very proper way.Also almost all the schools and college to read the devote that time to read the instruction.

  • Go through the question paper
After reading the instruction,the first thing to do is to just go through the question and its pattern .After that you will find that pattern is familiar with the practised mock paper.After going through the question paper ,you will get to know the level of question paper.

  • solve easy problem first
so for getting marks,first strategy is to solve all the easy problems,this will make your confident and within in short time and after that you will have few question on which you have to focus and will have a sufficient time to think about the problems.

suppose,initially you waste your time in hard question first then in the last,you may be in hurry to solve the left question which are really easy but that time you may do some mistake on easy problems also.
so easy problem first and then try other hard problems .

Thanks for reading.just give your best and practice a lot.Give your best and leave the rest.


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