How to prepare for cbse maths exam class ix (9th)-penlearn

How to prepare for CBSE maths exam class ix (9th)-penlearn

Maths exam can be really hard or easy.But it all depends on the students.Those who is determined to learn the concept will really play with maths but those who do not even want to give it a try to the problem .Making excuses will not help them.

Day by day,as the syllabus proceeds ,those who have not learnt the previous concept,will feel frustrated.This ,In this post ,i will give a proper way to obtain good  marks in maths.

Read carefully ,you are want to be a topper or want to become good at mathematics

Maths is not tough really but it requires consistent and hard practices thats all.Let's go in deep to the topic.
so I am going to tell you in a depth give time to read the full article.

  • learn the concept
This is the first thing that you have to do irrespective of subjects.I know that math is not as interesting as story of your Hindi or English books.

so how to make it interesting?
its really easy,maths will be really fun.if you are following the concept properly.

so suppose tomorrow you have a maths class.And you also know the topic which will be taught in the class.

so just try one small just go through the chapters ,topic,not the whole chapters but some topics which can be taught in the class. 

so when you will study in the class ,i am pretty sure that you will follow the concept and will enjoy the class also.
if you are not able to understand something then ask the teacher.Do not hesitate ,you should feel good because you are not solving your doubt only but few other classmates also.

  • make good notes of maths class

Maths requires alot of revision and alot  of to revise the subject.class notes is best option because teacher taught us in a more simpler way than the do not feel lazy in taking down the maths notes regularly.

Taking down good notes will really help you in the last time if you do not have a proper notes written  by you then you have to go through whole books .which is really time taking .so a good notes will help you in revising the concept in short time.

  • know the maths syllabus
so we will plan our preparation according the syllabus.planning is very important to be successful in the our mission is to get more marks.

1.Number Systems-08 marks

This chapter is really easy.we have some basics concepts of number do not have to scratch your head to understand this. so let's see ,what are the topics inside the number system.

  • Review of representation of natural numbers, integers, rational numbers on the number line. Representation of terminating / non-terminating recurring decimals, on the number line through successive magnification. Rational numbers as recurring/terminating decimals.

  • Examples of non-recurring / non-terminating decimals. Existence of non-rational numbers (irrational numbers) such as √2, √3 and their representation on the number line. Explaining that every real number is represented by a unique point on the number line and conversely, every point on the number line represents a unique real number.

  • Existence of √x for a given positive real number x (visual proof to be emphasized).

  • Definition of nth root of a real number.

  • Rationalization (with precise meaning) of real numbers of the type 1/(a+b√x) and 1/(√x+√y) (and their combinations) where x and y are natural number and a and b are integers.

  • Recall of laws of exponents with integral powers. Rational exponents with positive real bases (to be done by particular cases, allowing learner to arrive at the general laws.)
we have seen the syllabus in the topics are also not so this topic you can prepare well.just revise and practice some previous year question paper problems.

  • Polynomials
  • linear equations in two variable

In this ,we have mainly two topics.polynomials and linear equations in two variable.
  • Definition of a polynomial in one variable
  • Coefficients of a polynomial
  • terms of a polynomial and zero polynomial
  • Degree of a polynomial
  • Constant, linear, quadratic and cubic polynomials
  • Monomials, binomials, trinomials.
  • Factors and multiples.
  • Zeros of a polynomial
  •  Remainder Theorem
  • Introduction to the equation in two variables

3.coordinate geometry-4marks

  • The Cartesian plane
  • coordinates of a point
  • names and terms associated with the coordinate plane.


  •  introduction to geometry
  •  lines and angles
  •  triangles
  • quardilateral
  •  area
  •  circles
  • constructions

This is very important chapter as marks point of you have to give extra attention so that you should be very good at this topic.weightage is more difficult question will be from this chapter.Also some easy question will come from this chapter only.

Thisl chapter is also important for future class.In class 10 and 12 th also this topic is try to be good at this chapter.

you have to practice alot and remeber the theorem and properties.
you should know the property of triangles,quardilateral,all the important relations of circles.practice previous year paper to get the idea of difficulty level of questions,


  •  Areas
  • surface and volumes
This part is not too have to remember all the formulaes of mensuration.And a good practices is needed .you have to keep patience and calculate the answer.because solution is generally very lengthy and calculative.

6.statistics and probability-10marks

  •  statistics
  • probability
This part is also a little tricky or logical in probability only way to get good marks is learn the  concept properly and revise and practice alot.

  • Revise regularly
we we have gone through the syllabus,just now,so it is really vast as compared to your eighth we have to be really determined to the plan .so after learning the lessons ,you have to revise the concept .you have to remember all the derivations and a good notes will really help you.

  • practice alot
so,the most importat thing that matters in maths is practice.Remembering formulae and drivations will not help you.Unless you have done good practices.
  • conclusion

so if we summarises the article.for scoring a good marks in maths.we need to understand the concept first and then keep revising and practicing the problems as much  as to perform bette in the exam .mock paper practice  will surely help you alot.


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