How to prepare for cbse English exam class ix (9th)-penlearn

How to prepare for CBSE English exam class ix (9th)-penlearn

 Still in Indian society and schools the learning is all about getting marks.They will talk about how to get full marks .They will point out that last year ,one question was from this paragraph.

If i talk about the Indian parents ,they expect nothing but marks only,they will that if you get such a high marks ,i will give you a nice gift.They judge the student on the basis of marks .so student get more focused on  remembering the answer of question .They skip the proper way of learning.

so,keep reading if you want to prepare for English with proper learning of English literature that will help you in future for a good communication skills.

Also ,you do not have to put extra effort to learn the English and you will be able to write a much beautiful answer  than in guide books.
so lets see ,the proper way to learn English 

  • Be Attentive in class

Learning should be done in class and you should be able to understand ,what teacher is explaining and everything .

if you did  not understand ,ask then itself.Do not think that you will read that part at home.This is very common mistakes ,most of the student do.

  • Interact with the teachers
During class time ,if you did not understand any thing then ask the teacher.They are paid to clear doubts of students ,so never hesitate.

Even teacher feels happy when some asks doubt .They want class to be interactive.Also ,if you ask doubt regularly then you will become more confident also.Do not think about the person ,who demotivates you,ignore them.

If you are attentive and interactive in class,then you will learn almost most part of the to remember your concept ,you have to practice regularly also,this will help you regain your learnt concept.

  •  know the syllabus
you are learning properly,means you can understand the grammar part and how to build a proper sentences.Now As  to sustain and get jobs in India ,marks matter a lot.So we should also focus on that part  also.

so ,we will go through the syllabus part and we will plan and prepare for that.

if we see the syllabus as marks basis then we have-

  • Reading skills-20 marks
  • writing skills with grammar-30 marks
  • Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text-30 marks
  • Internal assessment -20 marks

  • prepare for Reading portion
section A:Reading
Reading section contains two reading passages.

1: A Factual passage 300-350 words with eight Objective Type Questions( including Multiple Choice Questions)- 8 marks

Factual passage means it will give a good clarity of means it will be clear to you that about which topic the passage is for preparing the factual passage ,you should be good at reading and understanding your provided textbooks.

if you are able to understand your textbook and know the word  meanings then you won't find problem in solving the factual passage.Also ,you should have a good knowledge vocabulary and grammar .

For this part ,you can practice it previous paper question and some factual passages from books.

2: A Discursive passage of 350-400 words with four Short Answer Type Questions to test inference, evaluation and analysis with four Objective Type Questions (including Multiple Choice Questions) to test vocabulary.-12 marks

Discursive passage means a passage that is not on  a specific topic .All the lines may not be interconnected to each other.All will random sentences.They will talk about different topic in a single passage.

so mainly they will check your grammar and ability to understand the English language and to prepare for this topic,it's only by practice and your understanding of English literature.

  • prepare for writing and grammar
Section B: Writing and Grammar
For this section ,you have to learn to write letters and all others that are in your syllabus.And also for grammar ,have a good knowledge of grammar that is in your syllabus.Also,go through previous year paper.
Analyse and study in that way.

  • Literature textbook
This part includes all the questions related  to your prescribed textbook.some question will be of short and some will be longer .so write properly and devote time wisely in the paper.

  • Make good notes
taking down good notes will really help you in the last time if you do not have a proper notes written  by you then you have to go through whole books .which is really time taking .so a good notes will help you in revising the concept in short time.

  • Revise and Practice
so for scoring rigorous practices is have to practice before you write exam because practising will give you the idea that on which portion of language,you are not good at.
Then you pick that topic and revise and again practices it.

  • Conclusion
so after reading this article we can say that to prepare for exam and along with proper learning,we should be attentive to class,and also interact with the teacher during class hour.know the syllabus of paper properly.focus more on weaker part and make a proper notes.and practice a lot.

  • Be Attentive in class
  • Interact with the teachers
  •  know the syllabus
  • make good notes
  • Revise and practice

Thanks have a great day.


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