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How to prepare for cbse maths exam class ix (9th)-penlearn

How to prepare for CBSE maths exam class ix (9th)-penlearnMaths exam can be really hard or easy.But it all depends on the students.Those who is determined to learn the concept will really play with maths but those who do not even want to give it a try to the problem .Making excuses will not help them.
Day by day,as the syllabus proceeds ,those who have not learnt the previous concept,will feel frustrated.This ,In this post ,i will give a proper way to obtain good  marks in maths.
Read carefully ,you are want to be a topper or want to become good at mathematicsMaths is not tough really but it requires consistent and hard practices thats all.Let's go in deep to the topic. so I am going to tell you in a depth give time to read the full article.
learn the conceptThis is the first thing that you have to do irrespective of subjects.I know that math is not as interesting as story of your Hindi or English books.
so how to make it interesting? its really easy,maths will be real…

How to prepare for cbse English exam class ix (9th)-penlearn

How to prepare for CBSE English exam class ix (9th)-penlearnStill in Indian society and schools the learning is all about getting marks.They will talk about how to get full marks .They will point out that last year ,one question was from this paragraph.
If i talk about the Indian parents ,they expect nothing but marks only,they will that if you get such a high marks ,i will give you a nice gift.They judge the student on the basis of marks .so student get more focused on  remembering the answer of question .They skip the proper way of learning.
so,keep reading if you want to prepare for English with proper learning of English literature that will help you in future for a good communication skills.
Also ,you do not have to put extra effort to learn the English and you will be able to write a much beautiful answer  than in guide books. so lets see ,the proper way to learn English 
Be Attentive in classLearning should be done in class and you should be able to understand ,what teacher is expl…